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Consejos de seguridad para corredores humanos, de Marissa Lingen – Especial ultracortos XVII

Marissa Lingen es la autora estadounidense que protagoniza nuestra entrega 17 del especial ultracortos con su “Consejos de seguridad para corredores humanos”, un inquietante relato de c…

Best WordPress Form Builder - ARForms | WordPress Forms Plugin

Most featured & affordable WordPress Form Builder you ever need. Responsive material style WordPress forms. Built-in popup forms. Built-in email opt-ins

Advanced techniques to implement fast hash tables

Array and hash table are probably the most important data structures. Some programming languages such as Perl, Lua and Javascript, almost build the language core on top of the two data structures. …

An Innovative Phishing Style

A few weeks ago, I added one of the many scammers trying to phish people on Steam. Usually, I block them after they drop their phishing website link but this particular website was pretty innovativ…
WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations.

WordPress Development With VVV

Japh, in his previous article, has explained the rationale—and eventually convinced us—to set our development environment as close to the remote web server using Vagrant. The article is more than...

Interesting visualization of occupations of persons from Panama Papers | Finn Årup Nielsen's blog on