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Bike powered nowmad looking for what has not been lost to him while contribute with his work and ideas wherever he is.


Firefox about:config privacy settings

Firefox about:config privacy settings. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.


A library for encrypted, privacy preserving deep learning - OpenMined/PySyft
The era where we were in control of the data on our own computers has been replaced with devices containing sensors we cannot control, storing data we cannot access, in operating systems we cannot monitor, in environments where our rights are rendered meaningless. Soon the default will shift from us interacting directly with our devices to interacting with devices we have no control over and no knowledge that we are generating data. Below we outline 10 ways in which this exploitation and manipulation is already happening.

NOTHING TO HIDE - The documentary about surveillance and you

"Eye-opening" (Forbes), "Passionating" (Les Inrocks), "Very interesting... scary movie" (France 24) NOTHING TO HIDE (Oct. 2016)…

Fix Windows 10 privacy

If you're an Windows user and you're using the default settings, each time you start typing in search box in taskbar (to open an application or search for a file on your computer), your local search terms and location are sent to Microsoft, some of which advertise to you.