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Bike powered nowmad looking for what has not been lost to him while contribute with his work and ideas wherever he is.


HTML to Excel: How can tell Excel to treat columns as numbers?

I need to achieve the following when opening an HTML in Excel (Response.contentType="application/") : force Excel to consider content of td cells as numbers make the above so that any
DVC is designed to handle large data files, models, and metrics as well as code. DVC is an open-source framework and distributed version control system for machine learning projects.

My Brand New Logo — A professional design for everyone

Create your own professionally designed logo in 30 seconds. For freelancers, start-ups and other companies.

Two-factor auth with public-key cryptography

When it came time to implement 2FA in my open-source project Mentat, I wanted to try something a little different. As an end-to-end encrypted chat app, asymmetric encryption was already an important aspect of the platform, and was easy enough to implement using OpenPGP.js. When a user signs up

Bye, Bye, Google

I spent this past weekend de-Google-ifying my life and, despite my expectations, it wasn’t too hard to do. I started by moving all of my websites off of Google App Engine and onto a dedicated box that I had already owned. That was straightforward enough. Next, I removed any Google Analytics snippets from each of them and replaced those with my own analytics server that I had built a while back (it doesn’t store any PII, only aggregate information (and very little of that, too)).


WIP. Contribute to retroplasma/earth-reverse-engineering development by creating an account on GitHub.


A simple, lightweight Javascript library for dynamic grid layouts. - e-oj/Magic-Grid