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Bike powered nowmad looking for what has not been lost to him while contribute with his work and ideas wherever he is.


Jason's Machine Learning 101

Jason Mayes Senior Creative Engineer, Google Machine Learning 101 Feel free to share this deck with others who are learning! Send me feedback here. Dec 2017 Welcome! If you are reading the notes there are a few extra snippets down here from time to time. But more for my own thoughts, feel free to...

CAGE‘ 折枝

SYNOPSIS Life is liberty in a CAGE. CAGE represents a situation that is filled with a lot of constraints, or a habit or an addiction that is hard to get rid of.…

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Épisode 79 | Mon œil, une web-série pour les enfants | Jeune Public | Centre Pompidou

00:00 Générique du début 00:27 Intertitre 1 01:26 Archihi, Cache-cache, Emilie Queney 03:00 Intertitre 2 03:25 Bottle, Kirsten Lepore 08:45 Intertitre 3 09:1...